Why We’re Different From Other Carpet Cleaning Companies

Steam-A-Way: Setting the Gold Standard in Carpet Cleaning in Fort Wayne

When considering a carpet cleaning service, you might wonder: “What truly sets one company apart from the rest?” For us at Steam-A-Way, the answer is clear. We’re not just another carpet cleaning service in Fort Wayne; we’re an experience that prioritizes your home’s quality and integrity, ensuring every carpet and upholstery fiber is treated with the utmost care. Here’s what makes us uniquely different:


We Have a Great Process That Our Customers Love.

See how our process goes above and beyond compared to other carpet cleaners in the area.

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    1. Commitment to Quality Products:

    While many companies go for the cheapest cleaning solutions (often compromising quality and potentially causing harm) Steam-A-Way has a different philosophy. We understand that the key to an exceptional cleaning lies in the products used. By choosing only high-quality cleaning solutions, we ensure your carpets aren’t just visibly clean, but deeply and safely purified. Where others might leave behind harmful residues or cause fiber degradation over time with cheaper products, Steam-A-Way’s commitment to excellence ensures longevity and safety for your carpets.

    2. Our ‘No Dirt Left Behind’ Promise:

    Ever had a cleaning crew leave your home dirtier than before they came in? Not with us. We take pride in our meticulous approach, always wearing foot protection (booties) to guarantee that no external dirt or contaminants are tracked into your home. Our job is to remove dirt, not introduce it, and we take that responsibility seriously.

    3. Safeguarding Your Precious Home:

    At Steam A Way Carpet Cleaning, we respect your space as if it were our own. Recognizing the sentimental and financial value of your furniture and doorways, we use protective equipment to ensure nothing in your home is ever at risk. Whether it’s the elegant door frame you’ve just had refinished or that heirloom sofa passed down through generations, we’ve got them covered—literally and figuratively.


    4. Combatting the Toughest Stains and Odors:

    Every carpet has its story—spilled wine, pet mishaps, or muddy footprints. These stories often translate to stubborn stains and odors that seem impossible to eradicate. However, with Steam-A-Way’s tried and true carpet cleaning process, we tackle even the most persistent stains, breathing new life into your carpets and ensuring they smell as fresh as they look.


    In a sea of potential carpet cleaners, Steam-A-Way emerges as a completely new and unique option that doesn’t just clean, but cares. With our unrivaled approach and unwavering commitment to excellence, we’re redefining what it means to have a truly clean carpet in Fort Wayne and the surrounding service area. Choose Steam-A-Way, where every cleaning is a step above the rest.