Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Keith Kohaut – Owner

All Carpet Cleaning In Fort Wayne Indiana Is NOT The Same!

Cleaning BY THE BOOK!

There are currently five methods of carpet cleaning available. We are knowledgeable in all methods of cleaning. We have found the Hot–Water Extraction method‚ also known as Steam–Cleaning‚ to be the most thorough process of removing contaminants‚ and this is the primary method of cleaning that Steam A Way chooses.

To achieve maximum cleaning‚ certain procedural guidelines must be followed. That is why there are industry standards. Unfortunately‚ many companies avoid the necessary steps in the cleaning process because they are always in a hurry to arrive at their next scheduled appointment. Steam A Way never overbooks a job‚ so that the necessary time and care is taken at each home or office to ensure the highest degree of soil removal.

We believe that each step in the cleaning process is as important as the next one. In fact‚ cleaning by the book will keep your carpet and furnishings cleaner longer than what other cleaning companies offer. This is what separates Steam A Way from its competitors.

Steam A Way uses a PH balanced system which is designed to remove any residues left in the carpet‚ and leaves your carpet in a neutral state so it does not attract soils to it. In addition‚ we also use encapsulation technology which is designed to continue cleaning the carpet after we are gone.

Steam A Way will then groom your carpet‚ apply Scotchgard‚ if necessary‚ and put down blowers to dry the carpet as fast as possible.


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