Carpet Cleaning Fort Wayne

Steam A Way is the choice of many homeowners and businesses for carpet cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN.


Fort Wayne Carpet Cleaning Company


Steam A Way is the preferred choice of homeowners and businesses for carpet cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN.



Carpet Cleaning

Steam A Way never overbooks a job‚ so that the necessary time and care is taken at each home or office to ensure the highest degree of soil removal. We get your carpets looking fresh and clean again with our masterful process. Our carpet cleaners know how to get even tough stains out like chocolate, wine and more!

Upholstery Cleaning

Our gentle and effective cleaning system cleanses and rejuvenates and cleans your upholstery‚ without damaging your furniture or leaving behind harsh chemical residues. You’ll feel excited and relieved when you sit down again and small that fresh scent of a clean couch or sofa again.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

You get 100% new looking grout that is easily maintained‚ spills wipe right off and is virtually stain free. All while retaining its original texture and style you enjoy about your tile floors. Our tile cleaning is simple, powerful and safe for the entire family after we’re finished. You’ll love the look.

Pet Odor Removal

We LOVE pets!  However, they can significantly impact the odor of your home.  With 3 levels of treatment, we can tackle the issue directly at the source. Let our pet odor removal process eliminate the stink from your furry friend so you can love them for who they are, not what they smell like.

Fort Wayne Can Trust Our Reputation As Premier Carpet Cleaners

We use the most advanced state of the art equipment to get your carpet, flooring, and upholstery as clean and dry as possible. This along with our continuing education studies and certifications is why we have the very best guarantee in Fort Wayne on all of our work!  We would be honored to add you to the Steam A Way family. Our carpet cleaning process is extremely thorough and provides the best value in Indiana.

“Absolutely the best in the Fort!!! They did my carpets and tile and they look brand new!!! Would 100% recommend!!” 

– Amber Quinn

steam a way carpet cleaning fort wayne


“Keith and his staff are great! They did a great job cleaning our carpets throughout the dealership, and with the level of clientele that we have and the upscale atmosphere we have to maintain, there isn’t another carpet cleaning company I’d trust more than Keith and his crew!” 

– Jared Lencke

stephanie stilabower
stephanie stilabower
Conor came today he was friendly, very professional, worked hard to get carpet cleaned would and will use again
Mark Schuster
Mark Schuster
Wonderful experience. Workmanship with pride.
Brian Raypole
Brian Raypole
Excellent Job, fair price,and efficient
Linette Godfrey
Linette Godfrey
Conor was prompt and very professional. Excellent results!
chris busse
chris busse
Got almost all of the pet sain out very professoinal.
David Bryant
David Bryant
Thanks to Conor! I'll always contact him for his services...
Amy Braun
Amy Braun
Great service. Conner was wonderful!!
Todd Lothamer
Todd Lothamer
Conor did an amazing job cleaning our carpet. He explained everything well and was very pleasant.

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We’re here to answer any questions you might have about any of our carpet cleaning services. Don’t hesitate to call or submit a contact form. We offer FREE quotes on all our services throughout the greater Fort Wayne, Indiana area.

Don’t go another day with dirty carpets when we can come over and get them looking fresh and clean fast! We are the Fort Wayne carpet cleaners most people call when they want quality! So let us help you too and bring back the beauty in your carpet again. Have your carpet cleaned by the pros!

We serve clients in:

Ansley Acres  |  Arcola  |  Brierwood Hills
Brookside Estates  |  Crestwood  |  Ellisville
Fort Wayne  |  New Haven  |  Thurman

FAQs About Our Carpet Cleaning Service

What Is Carpet Cleaning Your Process?

We take the most thorough process for carpet cleaning. Our team always starts with a vacuuming of the space. We want to remove any loose dirst and debris. Next, we apply a pre-treatment. to prepare for our carpet cleaning and help loosen any trapped dirt and dust. Then, we do our first run of high-steam carpet cleaning to dig deep and truly attack all the hidden dirt. 

Next, we second steam round to get the carpet cleaned. This second round is focused on removing any and all dirt and junk that was missed in the first round. The high-steam loosens a lot and so it could take two steam rounds for cleaning carpet properly.

Finally, we end with an additional vacuum round to ensure we’ve removed all moisture from the area. Additionally, we offer. afree raking service to remove any lines if you prefer.

Our Fort Wayne carpet cleaning process is the most detailed and through in the area. It’s why we have such a fantastic reputation throughout the city and surrounding area. If you need a deep cleaning on your carpet or rugs, there’s no better choice than Steam A Way!

How Long Will It Take To Clean My Carpets?

The process for cleaning most carpets can range from 20 minutes to one hour. This depends on how large the room is, how much furniture exists in the room, and what extra services we are performing (like odor removal or stain blocker).

The more rooms we need to work on, the longer our carpet cleaning process can take. We often allocate 2 hours for each customer because. we often find they love our service. somuch that they want an additional area done while we are on site. 

Do You Move Furniture When You Clean The Carpets?

Here at Steam A Way, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond for our customers. If you need is to help you move the carpets before performing our carpet cleaning service, we are more than happy to help!

Some customers like us touching and moving their furniture, and others prefer to do it themselves. Just let us know what works for you and we will do exactly that.

Do I Need To Vacuum Before The Carpet Cleaning?

If you want to, you are welcome to vacuum your carpet before we arrive for the carpet cleaning service. It is helpful, but certainly not required. We know that getting debris off the carpet before doing a steam clean helps remove more dirt and odors (that’s why we do it as a standard in our process).

But it is not required for you to do it in any way. We are determined to be the top quality Fort Wayne carpet cleaners and strive to go above and beyond for our clients.

In addition, part of our cleaning process is to do a first step surface-level vacuum of the carpets. Your vacuum will always help, but we will do it regardless because it’s just something we do!

Why is Our Carpet Cleaning Process Better Than Renting A DIY Machine?

You can certainly go rent a carpet cleaner from your local hardware store and try cleaning your own carpets. Our clients have consistently told us the following about our service though and this is what you’ll be missing:

1. Our process is much faster at cleaning since we are experts and do this each and every day. We know exactly how run the machine for maximum performance and don’t need to “learn” how to use it.

2. We know the best ratio of cleaning solution to add for optimal performance. Since this is our primary work, we know how to handle the different piles of carpet and what amount of cleaning agent is needed.

3. We are experts at removing odors. One of the biggest reasons people call us is for pet odor removal. We love our pets, but hate the smell they can leave behind on carpets. Our team excels at removing pet odors and getting carpets fresh and clean again.

Here at Steam A Way, we are bound and determined to become the most recommend and highest rated carpet cleaning service in Ft Wayne! We know that’s a lofty goal, but we have the determination to make it happen. See all our reviews online and you’ll know why clients use us over and over again for carpet cleaning in Fort Wayne.

What Types of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept the following payment types:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • All Major Credit Cards
  • Invoice (for commercial clients only)

See Photos of Our Jobs When We Clean Carpets

fort wayne carpet cleaning bedroom before and after photo
fort wayne carpet cleaning hallway before and after photo
carpet cleaning bedrooms
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