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Welcome to Steam A Way, the epitome of thoroughness and attention to detail in Fort Wayne for carpet cleaning. Here, we don’t just clean your carpets; we lavish them with unparalleled meticulous care that rejuvenates every fiber and breathes new life into your spaces.

Our dedicated team of experts is equipped with cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly solutions, ensuring you receive the absolute best value for your money.

Our unique and thorough 7-step process for cleaning carpet is resetting the landscape of what other carpet cleaners should do to provide the best results for each client.

Here in the city of Fort Wayne, Steam A Way is known as the carpet cleaning experts! Our 15+ year history is overflowing with positive testimonials from clients who expect the best and know that we deliver exactly that each and every time we step into their home. Our reputation speaks for itself:

We never settle for less than our best, and neither should you with your carpets. You can contact us today and get a quote on a top rated local carpet cleaners in Fort Wayne.

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Professional & Quality Carpet Cleaning Service That Removes Stains & Pet Odors

Our 7-Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Our obsessively-thorough carpet cleaning process makes all other companies look obsolete. See for yourself what truly separates us from any other company claiming they actually “deep clean” you carpets. If they don’t have this process, are they even cleaning?


Step 1:

The first step after you’ve agreed to our quote is to adjust furniture and pre-vacuum the carpets. Our team actually uses the proper equipment to both protect your home, but also get underneath those couches and chairs that most other cleaners ignore.

Step 2:

The first vacuum is important to remove loose dirt and debris so the pre-treatment and steam and penetrate deep into the fibers of the carpet.

Step 3:

Next we apply a pre-treatment to prepare the carpets and begin our stain-fighting power. If you have pets, we apply a pet-odor specific treatment to eliminate those stubborn smells once and for all.

Step 4:

This is our first deep clean step where we leverage our state-of-the-art steam clean machine. We apply the highest rated steam to your carpets and break down all the dirt and junk that’s locked away deep in the fibers. We move quickly thoroughout the space to apply high-heat (and disenfecting) steam to the carpet. The pre-treatment is also working with the steam to eliminate those pesky odors that linger.

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Step 5:

The next step is our second steam cleaning session on your carpets. The first session often gets 90% of the built up dirt from the carpets. For some customers, that’s plenty good enough. But at Steam A Way, it’s not. We’re obsessed with getting to 100% clean which is why we have a second steaming session. This one is slightly less heat, but increased vacuum suction to remove both leftover dift and excess moisture that could still be in the fibers. 

Step 6:

After the steam sessions, we do a second vacuum of the space to ensure all excess moisture has been removed. We never want to get the call about moldy carpets so we go above-and-beyond to ensure every carpet is as dry as it can be.

Step 7:

Our final step is optional. We can go back over your newly clean carpets with a rake. This eliminates the traditional carpet cleaning lines you see in many images online. If you want to pretend we never came to your house, ask for the carpet rake and see how we make the carpets feel and smell like brand new.

Why We’re Better Than Other Carpet Cleaners

Our Easy & Low Stress Process

When you use Steam A Way for your carpet cleaning service, we make everything easy. It’s as simple as you pointing to the rooms you want cleaned, and we do the rest. There’s no fuss, no stress, just fresh and clean carpet when we’re done.

Our Quality Cleaning Supplies

While many other carpet cleaners use basic cleaners, we only use premium supplies when working on your carpets. We know that you value your home, so we value it too. None of our products will harm your carpets or upholstery and we make sure of that.

Our Customer-First Core Values

For us, customer service is the most critical aspect of a great company. Our reputation is that we will go above and beyong for our customers, and we stand by that each and every job. If you ever feel like a job wasn’t done properly, we will make it right. You deserve high quality service with great cleaning and we aim to deliver that each and every day.

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Questions on your mind? We’ve got answers! At Steam A Way, we believe in a transparent and approachable customer experience. Whether you’re curious about a specific service or just need some general guidance, don’t hesitate to give us a ring or fill out our contact form. And here’s the cherry on top: we offer no-obligation, FREE quotes across the greater Allen area. So why wait? Let’s start the conversation today!