Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery CleaningUpholstery cleaning is a very important part of the overall cleanliness of your home.  Many people think that upholstered surfaces do not get the same abuse that carpets and rugs are subjected to but this statement is most often untrue. Your upholstered furniture is covered daily with dust‚ dead skin particles‚ body oils‚ dust mites and other environmental pollutants.  Many of these things are hazardous to your health and lower the air quality of your home. Careless cleaning can lead to damaged upholstery–especially on rare‚ gentle or expensive fabrics.  This is a job that should be left for professionals to take care of.

Our Process

Steam A Way utilizes various systems to loosen and clean the residue from your upholstery‚ depending on the type of fabric. Our gentle and effective cleaning system cleanses and rejuvenates your upholstery‚ without damaging your furniture or leaving behind harsh chemical residues.

Upholstery Cleaning


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